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Automotive Supply

Moses General Trading Company Limited specializes in supplying a wide range of project vehicles which include Saloons and Sedans to Pick-ups, Vans and 4WD SUVs.

Besides the categories of vehicles, we can also supply vehicles in various brands like TOYOTA, LEXUS, NISSAN, LAND ROVER, MITSUBISHI and many more.

Our core business is supplying vehicles and after-sales service to mining companies, oil companies, NGOs, embassies, small businesses and all overseas operations that need a reliable vehicle supplier and after-sales support.

Moses General Trading Company Limited’s professional team are always ready to help you and to supply any kind of vehicle and accessories to meet your needs.

Supply and after-sales support

The main aim is to be the best vehicle supplier on the market and to provide the highest possible service standard and reliability.

If your priorities are price, reliable delivery time, after-sales service and technical support, MOSES GENERAL TRADING COMPANY LIMITED can find?the most cost-effective solution for your specific requirements.?